Success and happiness are the things that most people want in life. People often chase outward success like luxurious houses, jewelry, and cars, but few choose to be successful in dealing with life. Success is not all about having all things in the world; real success is in oneself.

Highly effective people are most likely to succeed. They are focusing on bettering themselves and knowing their true self.

Here are the eight habits of people that help them achieve success:

Prioritizing what is important.

Ordinary people would go on with days as what they seem to do most of their life. A life routine that keeps them going for a day. Where you use your time and energy in a day is what will build your future.

Influential people will put essential things first at hand before doing things that are much less of importance. Focus on what matters and set aside distractions – creating a system, planning, and setting goals for a better run in life and long-term purposes.


Recognize one’s responsibility.

Once you set your priority, you can see what you must do. It can either be taking care of yourself, cleaning the house, doing your work, submitting documents before the deadline, or putting others before you.

When you have a family to raise, putting their needs first before your own is a responsibility, determining the conditions and what they want to avoid conflicts or crises in the future.


Control your emotions.

When you are emotionally aware of yourself and others, you can understand things better and respond appropriately to any challenges that life will throw at you. Most of the time, emotions determine your actions.


Always be grateful.

Gratitude is an attitude. Often, most people take advantage of what they have instead of appreciating the things around them. Not only for the positives that we should be thankful but also for the negatives in our life where we learn and grow as a person.


Adapt to change.

Do not fear change, but rather embrace change. Change is good, for it is a sign of growth and improvement. Reason rationally and face what is ahead of you. Make room for mistakes and failures, then learn, rise, and try again.


Be cooperative.

As they say, unity in diversity. Have an open mind and learn to accept differences in ideas, personalities, sexuality, age, or religion. Respect and consider one another. Cooperate! Working together will produce a lot of work, while if you work alone, you do less work.


Take the initiative.

The initiative can see something that needs to be done and doing it firsthand before someone tells you to do it. Reaching out and offering help, finding ways to make things lighter, and finding ways to be resourceful. Having initiative is a demonstration of self-drive, self-awareness, and motivation.



Do not hesitate to listen and do not close your ears. Pause and keep your mind open. Humble yourself and wait. When you listen, you understand better, and when you know better, you make the right decisions and act righteously.

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