Is your dealership experiencing a slump in sales?

In Australia alone, there are about 19 million registered motor vehicles in 2018. Recent statistics show that there is a decline in incoming car sales this 2019.

Even though the internet can sell almost anything now, one of the few things that you can’t buy entirely online is a car. Purchasing a new vehicle needs to be done in person. The touch, how it looks and the experience cannot be replaced.


Just like an excellent place to dine, the experience in a great car dealership should be unforgettable.


You’ll be a great car dealer with these in mind:


First Impressions Last

The moment a customer gets in, greetings and warm welcome should come first. Whether they want to buy your priciest vehicle or just asking about directions, it will not hurt to give the best treatment to new faces on the doorstep. Depending on the first impression, there is a considerable chance that a hesitant client can be at home and become a sure buyer.


Build Rapport

You MUST remember the NAMES of your prospects. If you have a hard time remembering names, try to train your memory. Once you learn a buyer’s name, use it immediately. It can be at the end of every ten minutes while you talk or every time you change a topic. You can even repeat the name silently for a few times.

Ask them hobbies or their job and pitch in how can they use the new car for it. You must never make clients uncomfortable, or they may get cold feet. Get equipped with questions that will make clients comfortable. Don’t just concentrate on sales talk.



A good selection of stocks can get your customers hooked. You should be able to offer new and pre-owned collection. The display should be pleasing inside the showroom and outside the lot. Clean, easy to drive and ready for tests. You should answer questions about fuel economy, driver comfort features and new technology. Your staff should be knowledgable enough to queries of every customer, just like Collins Honda based from experience. Ongoing training, education and self-improvement is the key to every successful salesperson.


Treat all client equally.

A friend and her partner are trying to buy a new car. They were enthusiastic buyers, but to every car dealership, the salespeople looked at the husband directly each time and asked more significant questions with him. It turns out the one who will pay for it is the wife. This might seem insignificant to most but don’t assume things. Always treat equally, and ask questions to both.



After-sales centre is a good offer for car dealerships. The maintenance and available spare parts that be within reach can sometimes make or break a deal. If you purchased a new car, ideally it should run hassle-free for a few years. But a great dealership should have a range of services on-site so that customers can access it if unexpected things occur.


Be Online

Your dealership should have a homepage online. This is a must-have in today’s modern market where most prospects go online to browse and search for new cars. I remember dad browsing until 2 in the morning for that SUV that he’s aiming.


Always follow up

If you’re having trouble on customers to decide that moment, politely ask for their phone number and call them a few days later.

If they already close the deal, send them a thank you note after a week or so and ask them how they are enjoying the new car.

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