The Most Influential People in 2019

Musicians, Oscar winners, activists, and political figures like any celebrities have the power be influential people this 2019. A lot of major changes marked politics and entertainment in 2019, from new acmes of activism to the groundbreaking films, the names in this list have influenced much of the world. Even if it may seem like […]

Create a Safe Working Environment With These Simple and Easy Steps

safer environment

No matter what the nature of a business is, creating a safe working environment is a must. It does not only exclusively mean that accidents should be avoided at work places. It also means keeping at bay from unsafe work behaviors among the staff. A workplace safety process must be a process in every sense, […]

What You Need To Know About Investing In Gold

gold coins

There are several different ways to invest in gold and it is extremely important to understand how it works. Buying shares of gold on speculation is far different than commodity trading, which is also far different from owning actual gold bullion. Investing in gold can be a great option – and potentially the safest one, […]

Why to Use Janitorial Cleaners


Are you considering hiring janitorial cleaners? If not, then you should because there are a few reasons why. If you want to know what some of these reasons are, then continue to read the rest of this article. One of the best things about using a company that supplies janitorial cleaners is that you can […]

Gems in Making it Big in the Cleaning Service Industry

grout cleaning business

In the cleaning business, one of the major concerns is how to get more customers. Nowadays, there are many cleaning businesses around, and competition became tighter and tighter. Every cleaning business has their own strategy and discounts to give to potential leads and customers. If you are plan on starting a cleaning business by franchise […]

Interview with Someone whom You can Outsource your SEO

SEO in the Philippines

Disclaimer: This is not the complete interview but all the questions and answers captures all the important details about Bill’s career. Nffsp: Hi. Bill. How did you start in online business? Bill: I took Information Technology as a course when I was in college. I was fascinated with how the technology is evolving back then. […]

Hack is Facebook’s Secret to Success

Facebook Success

It may sound that it doesn’t make sense, but the word “Hack” has something to do with the success of the social giant Facebook. It is not about how they triumphantly overtook Friendster in a very exploitive way, but it is all about their work ethics. Listen to how Mark Zuckerberg explains this work, “Move […]