Create a Safe Working Environment With These Simple and Easy Steps

No matter what the nature of a business is, creating a safe working environment is a must. It does not only exclusively mean that accidents should be avoided at work places. It also means keeping at bay from unsafe work behaviors among the staff. A workplace safety process must be a process in every sense, a regular aspect of a business which respects itself.

Among the most vital steps to take is to conduct regular safety meetings and briefings. Although some companies have briefings on a daily basis, there are others that have them every week. Either way is already enough so long as meetings are done regularly and important safety concerns are raised and discussed. The meetings must last for just 10 to 15 minutes at a time as longer briefings are not necessary as long as everything has been discussed.

Regular inspections of unsafe behavior and conditions must be established in a company as well. Unit supervisors are expected to have proper training on identifying different issues for them to know what they should look for during the weekly or daily inspections. While these are not required to take place every day , the work area must be properly and thoroughly inspected at least once or twice in a week.

It is also crucial to regularly investigate any dangerous incidents or accidents in order to avoid them from taking place again in the future. This is not about putting blame on someone but more of teaching all workers in a company of the importance of learning from such mistakes to avoid them. It is also a must to avoid blame should accidents happen. The use of blame and punishment will only lower the employees’ morale which can further reduce the safety of a work environment. Only encouragements, recognition and positive reinforcements should be given.

Every employee is required to have practical hands on training on the job. It doesn’t matter if the trainers are outside professionals or more experienced employees because regular trainings on proper handling and safety on all supplies and equipment should be made a regular part of the induction training of every new employee.

All companies should have a safety and health officer appointed for the organization of onsite trainings and handling any safety and health issues on a regularly basis. This appointee is going to be crucial in the implementation of organizational safety and health program. There are several companies wherein they have appointed safety committees which can help aside from the designated safety officer.

It is imperative that any issues are prevented before they even happen. Each procedure must be properly documented in order for the employees to be properly trained as soon as they start with their job. In case a potential employee takes note of how lax the company is when it comes to job security and safety, he or she might think twice to become a part of the company in the first place.

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