Passion, motivation, and dedication can certainly drive a person into ultimate success. Also, Dr. G. Shanlikian’s pursuit to help others made him into a person that he is right now. Equipped with the perfect training, background, and experience, he established one of the most erudite hormone replacement therapy center in the United States.

Helping people in their situation, especially those in his specialty’s circle excites Dr. Shanlikian to achieve more success. He established various BHRT centers like what we have in Hormone Replacement Therapy Beverly Hills in California throughout the nation. Further success means reaching more people who suffer various hormonal problems, so the doctor continued build more centers. Today, he also has Hormone Replacement Therapy Illinois to continue serving his clients.

For men, hormonal problems can result in ailments like osteoporosis, high cholesterol levels, diabetes and even Alzheimers. For women, cortisol imbalance and chronic stress are only the a graze in their worries in when hormonal imbalance strikes. If you are already in your 40’s and 50’s, you can relate to those mentioned above.

We interviewed him and asked about his plans for the next five years. Here are some of the pointers he mentioned:

BHRT treatment is the expertise of Dr. Shanlikian and his colleague. However, he is determined to expand into other fields to help more people. Today, the problem of weight loss is rampant throughout The US, and most researchers link the problem with the bad eating habits of people. It is why educating and offering nutritional food is another great offering of their centers. You should try visiting Genemedics Los Angeles to know more.

Building more Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Centers throughout all the United States is a dream and vision of Dr. Shanlikian. With his passion and the support of the people around him, he can surely beat his vision.

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