We’re almost in the middle of the 21st century, and forklifts are one of the most powerful transports for builders. The forklift or lift truck can move heavy loads in warehouses and construction and safely lifts heavy things human hands cannot.


The most commonly seen forklifts on the market today

Warehouse forklift. This type looks like a golf cart with twin forks extending from the front. Widely present in areas where there are tons of lifting and massive inventory. These trucks are great for loading and unloading pallets and materials, as well as removing and transporting items from service delivery. This guy can lift between 5,000 to 25,000 pounds of weight. Brands include Hyster 36-38T, Komatsu 20 BX50 Hyster, and the Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift. The warehouse forklift is best for lifting and moving inside a warehouse or facility.

Counterbalance forklift. Forks are in front of this truck, and weight is added on the backside hence the term counterbalance. When using this vehicle to carry loads, it can safely balance any load it carries. Circling maneuvers are possible since this features a no extending arm.  Popular counterbalance forklifts are the 3-wheel variant, and stand-up counterbalance forklift and manufacturers include Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Crown.

Side loader. Another subtype of the warehouse forklift. Commonly seen on lumber and hardware warehouses, this guy can easily carry heavy and bulky items. The operator stands or sits on the side, and the loading compartment is on the other side. It is best for taking long, heavy items such as lumber, steel, pipes, and timber. The side loader can easily drive up along racks without having to turn. Raymond Corporation, Toyota, Hyundai, and Yale are some of the top brand manufacturers of side loaders.

Telehandler. The telehandler is made to fill the roles of a crane and a forklift. It has a long extendable arm with two extending forks at the end. The forks use are lifting pallets or wood from the ground to a higher place, sometimes as high as 19 feet above the ground, and great for reaching into tight spaces and odd angles.

Industrial forklift. Also known as large capacity forklift functions as a warehouse forklift and a telehandler. This guy can lift hefty loads ranging up to 36,000 pounds and can reach tricky angles the way a telehandler can. However, you only need such power for specialized jobs like heavy constructions.  NACCO Industries and Mitsubishi are some big names which produce excellent quality industrial forklift.

Forklift Batteries

Forklifts run power from an internal combustion engine fueled by gasoline or diesel.

Electric forklifts are gaining popularity and battery, or fuel cells make it functional. Ceil Power Systems supplies either old school lead-acid battery or newer lithium-ion (Li-Ion). Each kind of battery has its setups, requirements, systems, and market price. These batteries also function as a counterweight for the trucks.  The more common battery is lead-acid since the price is lower than the other. However, technology is ever-evolving every day maybe we can see a better lithium-ion shortly.

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