Hack is Facebook’s Secret to Success

It may sound that it doesn’t make sense, but the word “Hack” has something to do with the success of the social giant Facebook. It is not about how they triumphantly overtook Friendster in a very exploitive way, but it is all about their work ethics.

Listen to how Mark Zuckerberg explains this work, “Move fast and break things.” This idea is very important and that is why is everywhere is Facebook’s compound.

This philosophy is not brand new, but I believe it is very relevant in how our world revolves today. Things change very fast. And that is the exact reason Facebook wants to “Hack”. They believe that need to do things fast and the need to try everything in order to succeed. Little achievements, as they go along, can make a difference. If they stop and think for just a moment, they will miss the opportunity. Questioning only matters if it is about finding new things. Questions are not used if they are going to do it or not.

According to Forbes, the social media giant founder sums the Hacker Way in these five elements:

  1. Focus on impact
  2. Move fast
  3. Be bold
  4. Be open
  5. Build social value

That is the culture and philosophy in Facebook vicinity especially during Hackathon nights as they call it. Coders and heavy thinkers gather and push their limits to Hack. The Like button that we are all savvy about came from one of this sessions.

Big things and achievement more things, then doing it fast: that comprises the success of Facebook and now that F8 is beginning to have a shape. Zuckerberg is now again, pushing the acceleration pedal of their success. According to the guy, “Facebook is [now] a family of apps.” Little by little, the company is now developing a shift towards the next milestone of their success. These are very bold moves, and they are very open.

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