Now this is one question that everyone would do good to know the answer to. Productivity is something we all strive to achieve and maintain at the same time but nobody has completely cracked the code yet to the perfect formula. However, there are multiple practices and habits that are most likely to boost one’s productivity.

Identify your personal work patterns

No two people are alike which means our minds work differently from each other. Self-awareness is THE crucial first step in becoming productive. Why? Because recognizing your own work patterns will allow you to create strategies or plans that will suit you.

You might stumble upon a self-help book and try to apply the productivity tips you learned on yourself but eventually realize they aren’t doing anything for you. Start by asking yourself what does productivity mean for you at the moment? You can answer this one by figuring out what is that thing you are focused on doing at this point in your life. Is to get a promotion? Be an attentive mom or work on your body?

Whatever it may be, once you’ve established that goal then you can now work your way towards it by eliminating the things blocking your path.

To-do list

Ah yes, the good ol’ to-do list. It’s safe to say most people swear by this method. No day is too hectic if the tasks or errands scheduled are properly listed. By making your own to-do list at the beginning of the day, you can instantly plan your day around it so that no task is left out or forgotten.

You can even group similar tasks together so you can save time and energy.

Regular sleeping schedule

We need to realize how much our sleeping schedule can impact our day. Allow yourself plenty of time to rest at night so you can wake up energized and fully ready to take on your tasks. You tend to feel groggy and irritated when you lack sleep and as a result, you will just be dragging yourself all day to finish what needs to be done.


Whatever it is that’s bothering you in your surroundings and stopping you from getting work done, get rid of it. If it’s clutter, throw it all away. De-clutter your surroundings, de-clutter your brain.

One goal at a time

There’s this misconception that the level of productivity equates to the number of work done. This is not always true because again, people have different work patterns and lifestyles. The most important thing to remember if you want to be productive is to recognize that small progress is progress.

Some days you might not have the proper headspace to do handle multiple tasks a day, and only managed to cross one out of your to-do list but guess what? That’s totally valid! Work at your own pace and do not be too hard on yourself. Small progress is progress.

Take breaks

Give your mind some space by stepping out to take a walk, exercise or eat snacks. These kinds of activities will allow you to relax and gain fresh perspective at whatever you are working on. Being productive is not about spending 24 hours stuck on your work but actually learning to manage yourself to become more efficient and organized when it comes to tasks.

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