Starting any new business is a challenging and stressful endeavour, but home renovation poses many additional challenges since it is such an expensive industry and one where people must put a lot of trust into the people that they are working with.

Even if you are an experienced tradesman, if you are starting a new business then you will need to think ahead and build up a good reputation from scratch. Way back more than 20 years ago, it is a big challenge for us when we are just starting Waterloo Bathrooms Company. We know the ins and outs of bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We have passionate craftsmen. But we understand that the beginnings are always the hardest.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get around the challenge of getting that first order. However, if you have up to date training, current certifications, and a valid insurance policy ad well as any licenses required in your state, then you will be in a better position to acquire customers. Combine that with any contacts you made while you were working for a bigger business and you have an advantage over the average newcomer and any fly by night companies.

Use this to get your first few small orders and testimonials. Look for customers that care more about quality and service than price, and work with them to give them the best jobs that you can do.

It can be tempting to offer but price deals, especially when you are new, but price-conscious consumers are hard to please and they will not be easy to get testimonials from. Quality customers are worth the time and effort that they require securing. Once you have a good track record, you will find that customers start coming to you, and that is when you can look at expanding, taking on other tradespeople and offering new services. Wait until you are in that kind of high position before you start trying to compete on price, so that you do not undervalue your work.


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