Disclaimer: This is not the complete interview but all the questions and answers captures all the important details about Bill’s career.

Nffsp: Hi. Bill. How did you start in online business?

Bill: I took Information Technology as a course when I was in college. I was fascinated with how the technology is evolving back then. My fascination was into computer video games, and I told myself, after I finish my study, I will start a video game company.

Nffsp: How did you plan worked out?

Bill: it didn’t quite go according to my plan. Instead of being hooked in programming, I was hooked into developing websites. I started as a Flash animation developer. In Flash, there was an overlap between gaming and website presentation. Eventually, the marketability of Flash websites died, and PHP plus CSS took over. In that stage, I soon found myself diving deeper into PHP and CSS, and I eventually forgot my plan to start a video game developer company.

Nffsp: So how did you land in doing SEO?

Bill: It didn’t happen right off the bat. I already graduated at that time, what I know is that I need to make money. I am the kind of guy that doesn’t want a boss. Despite not establishing the video game development company, what I did is that I decided to start a website development company. At that time in 2012, I am my own boss, and I am the only employee. I contacted some businesses and asked them if they need help in putting up their site.

Nffsp: So at least, you were able to establish your own firm. That was the beginning of your success, right?

Bill: Yeah, there is some success but money is tough at that moment. There are times that I don’t have a client. But now, I see as a blessing in disguise because if I always have a client, I will never learn SEO or force myself to become an SEO expert.

Nffsp: Well, explain that.

Bill: You see. I learned affiliate marketing because I don’t have something to do. I created websites for myself, and I promoted other people’s products. Whenever I made a sale, I get commissions. Basically, that’s how affiliate marketing works. Then, to get traffic to my affiliate websites, I implemented SEO techniques that I learned.

Nffsp: That’s awesome. So how did it happen that you are now doing this for businesses.

Bill: Actually, I am already satisfied doing SEO for myself. Then, I have a friend in Canada who visited the Philippines. We were catching up, and we are talking about what our businesses. Then, he realized that if I can do SEO for his website, it will dramatically push his business up. So I tried to teach, but he gave up. Doing SEO also involves lots of work. That was the time when he said, “Bill, I will just pay to do the SEO for my website.” Then, that was it.I was able to help him grow his business through SEO. He referred me to some of his friends and then the rest is history. Now I have clients from Canada and US.

Nffsp: Wow. That’s amazing. So you get all your clients from referrals, and it started with your friend.

Bill: Actually, yes and no.

Nffsp: How was it?

Bill: Yes, I started doing SEO for clients because of referrals but now, I already have my own business website where I showcase my SEO service. Because you know, nowadays, there are many people looking for SEO services. So what I did is to rank my business website to various terms where I can get clients. My website is ranking for keywords like SEO Philippines, SEO Cebu and SEO Manila. Now even they don’t refer me anymore; I still get new clients. By the way, just visit my website.

Bill: That is truly an awesome success. Bill, thank you for time, and we were inspired to your success.

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