There’s nothing more relaxing than a cool breeze in the summer and a warm cozy place in the winter. That’s why many of us have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVAC) at home or work.

These units can be portable, a window, a wall, a split system, or a ducted system. The problem with using this often is to pay the hefty price on electricity bills. We made a list of some ways that you can use HVAC more efficiently. These tips will help so that your payments are kept low and you’re benefiting the surroundings too.


Major Considerations:

  • Choose the right air conditioning unit.
    • Pick the right size for your area. There are downsides on choosing the wrong size. A big air conditioning unit to a small room will make the place cool faster. This will activate the on and off regulation more frequently, which consumes more power. If the unit is small for the area, the unit will work harder than it should be. A wrongly sized AC could lead to a shorter life span or early maintenance.
    • What to do? Have the professionals carry out the correct calculations for your rooms. They will make sure that all units will function to its maximum potential. You may check out Van Air Conditioning for expert air conditioning installations.


  • Pick inverter models.
    • Units with inverter air conditioning system have fan motors where it runs faster when you need to cool the place quickly, and slows down after it reaches the right temperature. This system is called the variable-speed drive (VSD) and is on the compressors.


  • Research on energy rating.
    • A star rating from one to ten are labelled based on the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. The more star an air conditioning has, the more efficient it is, and the unit costs lesser when it runs. We recommend to use a system with a seven above star rating.


Minor considerations:

  • Stay on the standard settings. If you want to save a lot on energy bills, stay between 25 to 27 degrees Celsius during summer. On winter season, a range between 18 to 20 degrees should be a fair amount. This will ensure maximum energy efficacy from your unit.


  • Use the economy mode. This mode will ensure that you don’t set your thermostat at a colder temperature than required. Your home will not cool down any quicker and can result in overcooling. The economy mode will reduce energy use and therefore lower the bills.


  • Use the air conditioning units when needed. The units should be turned on only when the room is uncomfortable to use. Open the windows and doors to let colder air circulate from the outside. If your place at the office has computers or other devices that produce heat, turn off the units after business hours. On weekends when only a few people work, set up a place where they can gather to do their job. You don’t have to turn the whole cooling system on to accommodate a few overtime jobs.

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