What do you think when you hear the country Australia?

Do you think of animals like jellyfish, kangaroos, or koalas?

Do you imagine endangered species, giant pythons, or Australian spider?

Have you thought of food like vegemite, Tim Tams and witchetty grub (yes, those white worms)?


According to research, some 200,000 thousand migrants are given permanent residence each year, and 600,000 are given temporary residence, to study or to work. Visitors were mammoth to ten million in the year 2018 alone.


Why do you think people chose the Land Down Under, well you are about to find out in this article.


Here are the Top Six reasons to immigrate in Australia, the land down under.


  1. Economy is growing

— Australia’s market has proven to be resilient through the years. With closeness to Asia, the future is bright with continued growth expected.

Australia has a low unemployment rate. The higher number of the population is middle class. They give the highest minimum wage in the world!


  1. An abundance of Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are available to everyone; Australia is giving a positive face to being meritocratic than just about anywhere else in the world. Unemployment rates are meagre, and in most cities, there is plenty of casual work available, especially for young people and international students. A lot of professional and Business bring skilled workers to Australia each year on work visas.


  1. Nature is preserved

Australia has Canberra, one of the cleanest cities in the world. Oz has a variety of natural ecosystem- golden sandy beaches, deserts, tropical rainforest, and snowy mountains. Australia also boasts for its 10,000 beaches stretching around the country with its gorgeous coastlines.


As much as you want to, wildlife is everywhere in this country. As soon as you leave your house, nature is right there. They will march in your face in the form of snakes, giant kangaroos, birds or even koalas, and various creepy crawlies if you’re less fortunate.


  1. One of the most multicultural society in the world

Diversity is thriving in Australia. It’s beautiful to see when you go for a walk in the streets and find hundreds of ethnicity present. You can hear different languages spoken at once. Join in the celebration of Harmony day.

There is something amazing about overcoming differences and just living in harmony and respect to each other’s culture.


  1. Low Population

Having fewer population is not always a good thing but when it comes to traffic, it has a significant influence. In the busiest metropolis of Australia, a queue of 10-15 minutes is the longest you’ll experience.


  1. Blessed Lifestyle

As much as we all like, but only Aussies are known to have a laid-back lifestyle. Relaxation is an integral part of their day as to work. They seriously take work-life balance to a whole new level, and it brings their citizens happiness and in turn, low crime rate. Family outings, picnics, barbecue, or a dip in the sea is just a typical day to day scene in this great place.


The healthcare system is also one of the best in the world. They have advanced research on many aspects of science, including medicine, biology, chemical and physical science and engineering.



We can continue the list of wonderful things to consider and migrate into this country, but before that, you need to know how to immigrate. You can visit Woods and Day Solicitors for migration documents and then start your dream in Australia.

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