What’s So Interesting About the Piano?

One of the fascinating instruments ever invented is the piano. Musicians consider this device the most versatile of all the musical instruments, though second only to the human voice in range.

Among instruments used in the orchestra, the piano is one of the few who can take its stage.

The first exciting thing about the piano is the way it sounds. It can be described on how its voice sounds like:

  • Bright – pleasant, clear, clean, and brilliant sound
    • A higher concentration of higher harmony
    • Sometimes has a negative connotation when it seems tinny, metallic, or brassy.
  • Mellow – the stronger fundamental tone is commonly used in a rich and resonating way
    • Sweet, round, dark, and vibrant sounds
    • If the sound it produces is dead, dull or weak, it typically sends signals that a replacement of the hammers or bass strings is needed or the soundboard is damaged.
  • Big – used to describe if the sound has a lot of power and resonance.
    • Commonly used in auditoriums and music halls by artists
    • A powerful piano has good soundboards, hammers and long strings.

Other terms

Sometimes the piano sound is also described as colourful. It is usually a combination of bright and mellow sounds. Even or uneven is used to specify if the tone to every key is the same or not. A good technician can adjust the evenness of the tone.

The second interesting fact about the piano is it’s able to produce multiple sounds at the same time “polyphonic”.

Its classification is in many categories of instruments such as mainly the keyboard.

Percussion – because when we press a key, a hammer will strike a string to give beautiful sounds.

Stringed instrument – strings are long inside the piano producing sound.

The pianos harmony exceeds any other instrument in number since it has 88 keys.

It is the only instrument who can stand alone on its own. It can create melody and accompaniment at the same time. The piano can replace all instrument in the orchestra and can perform in grand stages solely.

Reasons why people love the piano:

It’s a joy to play it. No matter how young or old you are, playing those white ivories will never get dull. Maybe some are more musically inclined than other but beautiful melodies, and harmonies from the piano are one of the best things on earth.

The pianos look is timeless. From the time it was created until now there was almost no modification in how the piano looks. Pianoforte offer pianos that are elegant, classy, and brings any room above status when its placed.

Playing the piano can improve health. It has been proven for many years that playing the piano is good for the brain and coordination of the body. Playing music stimulates the brain simultaneously than any other activity. It is one of the easiest instrument to learn and play, and as you press those keys your, it will regulate your mood better than any drug prescription.

Undeniably in the world of musical instruments, the piano is king.


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